A hundred years ago our great-grandparents planted our cemeteries with poplar trees that grew to a majestic height of more than 85 feet, adorning the space with beauty and shade, while draining the ground below of excess water. We rejoice in the completion of a 3-year program in which we cut down and replaced more than 200 trees that had reached the end of their natural life cycle, at a cost of $600,000.00. Additionally we restored more than 200 monuments and foundations at a cost of $100,000.00, many at the Back River Cemetery dating from the 1890’s.

In so doing, we gratefully acknowledge the efforts of our ancestors as we plan for those who will follow us, as envisioned by the Talmudic teachings .
It is our commitment to continue to look after our cemeteries so that our community can always be proud of them as dignified resting places for the many generations that have preceded us.
To do this requires that sufficient funds be set aside for future needs. Eventually, our cemeteries will reach capacity and while there will be no additional burials, our common responsibility to maintain the dignity of the land where community members were laid to rest does not end.
We are asking you to open your hearts and support our ongoing efforts by donating on our website. A tax receipt will be generated immediately.


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