Regulations Regarding Private Planting

The following rules and regulations must be adhered to:
  1. Only the deceased’s contact on file at Baron de Hirsch – Back River Cemetery Inc.’s (The Cemetery) office or an individual authorized in writing by said contact can plant flowers. No gardener or contracted person is permitted to do any work on the Cemetery grounds.
  2. The maximum size of a flower bed is 45 cm x 120 cm per single grave. No planting beyond these limits will be permitted.
  3. Only annuals are permitted.
  4. The deceased’s contact on file or an individual authorized in writing by said contact, is responsible for maintaining, watering, weeding, and removing all debris. All debris must be   placed in garbage bags and removed from the Cemetery grounds. No debris can be left on the Cemetery grounds. Fees will be levied by the Cemetery for removal of debris.
  5. All private planting must be removed by Oct 20th of each year. Failure to do so may result in the removal of permission to plant flowers in following years. 
  6. Arrangements must not resemble any of the standard arrangements that are planted by the Cemetery’s gardener. They must differ fully from the flower species, color and style that the Cemetery’s gardeners have planted.  Any arrangements found to imitate our standard arrangements will be removed without notice. 
  7. Plastic or any other non-natural materials (including bricks or any border material) are strictly forbidden and will be removed without notice. Fees will be levied by the Cemetery for removal of items. 
  8. The Cemetery will not be responsible for any damage to private plantings however caused. 
These rules and regulations are subject to change without prior notice.

Baron de Hirsh-Back River Cemeteries Inc.