As Jews, we demonstrate our reverence for God by cherishing the holy objects that help us come close to God, such as a Torah scroll, Tefilin, Mezuza parchments, and Jewish books, by treating them respectfully, being careful not to let them fall, or become subject to any indignity. And even when they are no longer usable, we show them the same respect we show a person who has, God forbid, passed away; we bury them (called Genizah) in a Jewish cemetery with honour. 

Baron de Hirsch Back River Cemeteries take this sacred responsibility seriously, and facilitates gathering and burying these items. 

Baron de Hirsch Back River Cemetery affiliates are responsible to collect these items from their members, go through them and remove whatever does not need to be buried – in accordance with the details below, and deliver these items to BDH, plus contribute a plot into which these items can find their final resting place. 
Individuals or organizations that are not Baron de Hirsch Back River Cemetery affiliates may still use BDH services for this purpose by completing a form on the BDH website in advance.
The cost  ($36 per box (16in x 12in x 10in ) or (3 small 12in x 15in x 6in shopping bags). – must be paid in advance,

Items will be accepted only at the specified days/times  (Sunday to Thursday from 10am to 2 pm).  
The following items are classified  as Genizah, and will be accepted by BDH BRC for burial: 
  • Torah scroll and Torah cover 
  • Tefilin and tefillin bag 
  • Mezuzah parchment and its cover 
  • Jewish prayerbooks, Bentchers, published Torah texts, printed Torah books or commentaries in any language. Included in this is are single pages from these volumes that come loose, these also require Genizah. 
However, items that were not created for a sacred purpose, or not intended for long-term use, but rather to be used and discarded, are not Genizah, and will not be accepted. Such items include: 
  • Jewish newspapers and magazines 
  • Synagogue bulletins and mailings 
  • Downloaded Torah study sheets, source booklets, or Parsha sheets 
  • Class homework or assignments not meant to be kept 
  • Jewish art or photos 
  • Kosher cookbooks 
  • Books on Jewish history or culture, not intended to be sacred transmissions of Torah learning 
For further guidance, please ask your rabbi. If you wish, you can contact me at [email protected] or contact the the Baron de Hirsch-Back River Cemetaries office at 514-735-4696 ext 2104 or [email protected]
I am grateful to Baron de Hirsch Back River Cemeteries for providing our community the means to treat these holy objects with the respect they deserve. 
Michael Whitman, Rabbi
ADATH Congregation
223 Harrow Crescent
Hampstead, Quebec H3X 3X7


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